Integrated management for Tourist Caves

Integrated management platform, virtual guided tours, audio guide, user location, ticket sales, monitoring of environmental parameters, incident control


Proyecto subvencionado con una ayuda de la Junta de Comunidades de Castilla la Mancha, con el fin de proseguir la investigación en los sistemas de posicionamiento en tiempo real.

How does it work?

This unique system has been developed together with researchers at the University of Castilla La Mancha. It allows localization under adverse conditions, such as those that occur in caves. This system can be adapted to any tourist cave destination.


A minimal infrastructure

The basic installation only needs power supply.

The nodes are used to locate users within the cave and to obtain environmental values via sensors.

Services such as wireless network are easily installed to provide an added value to visitors in the cave.

Integrated trackers

Trackers or nodes, adapted to visitor helmets, allow us to keep all users located within our facilities, ensuring their safety, including a system that detects when someone falls, notifying the supervisor.

Management system

The entire infrastructure can be monitored from the control center, showing the location of the various users and the values collected by the sensors. The management system includes the issuing of tickets and can be integrated in a mobile application which is used as a guide during the visit

Success stories

These is the last facility that is already in operation

System Characteristics

Keys to guarantee the product success

01. Security

It allows the positioning of users within the facilities. It has a fall and inactivity of visitor detector.

02. Profitability

It permits human resources optimization and electricity consumption. Besides, it provides the access of visitors who speak other languages

03. Control

The system provides alerts for users who are out of the itinerary and watches restricted areas.


04. Sensorization

Environmental controls, such as monitoring the effects of the passage of visitors inside the cave, variations in humidity, temperature, CO2, …


05. Innovation

Using new technologies, applications for mobile devices, wireless networks and easy adaptation to new devices.

06. Accesibility

APPs adapted for users with hearing or vision problems, thanks to explanatory texts and the option of using audio-guides.

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